1. Examinations of class I to XII are held as indicated in the school Diary and student will not be allowed to sit for the examination unless all the dues are cleared.
  2. The school conducts no Re-test/re-examination. There is no provision for reassessment or promotion on trial.
  3. If a pupil fails to reach regularly the minimum marks of 40 for a pass in all subjects, he/she will be detained.
  4. Marks and other remarks indicating promotion or failure duly signed by the Principal/Sister-in-charge are to be considered final.
  5. No separate examination will be held for a student who is absent in any examination. Daily performance of the students will be taken into account at the time of promotion to the next class.
  6. No double promotion is granted.
  7. Regular 75% of attendance is a must for promotion.
  8. In all cases of promotion or failure the Principal’s decision is final.

Parents should see that the report cards are collected on the dates communicated by the school and should be returned duly signed. They are also requested to examine the report cards carefully and see that their children make a special effort & study those subjects in which they are weak.