1. To be always with friends with one another and respect towards elders, in and out of school.
  2. To avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.
  3. To accept whatever work is assigned with joy and pride.
  4. To offer help to any unattended visitor one happens to meet in the school premises.
  5. To rise when any Father, Sister, Teacher or Visitor enters or passes through any room in which you happen to be alone or with class–mates.
  6. To be courteous and sportsman–like with officials and with opposing teams of different Houses.
  7. To respect liberty and rights of other pupils.
  8. To respect and preserve the school property and report at once to the teacher if any damage to it has been observed.
  9. To avoid dropping paper, in school premises or out of the windows, to pick up such papers when found.
  10. To learn and observe good manners everywhere.
  11. Speak no ill of your school mates, or of the discipline or management of the school. Everyone is perfectly free to remain or not to remain in the school.
  12. Always speak well of your school and of your teachers.Strive to edify your school mates by your good examples at all times.
  13. Gladly help one another. Make no distinction in the choice of your companions. Let no one be slighted in any game and let there be no selfishness.


  1. Never omit any lesson or homework assigned.
  2. Always revise the work done in class and get your difficulties solved.
  3. If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it the first thing in the morning.
  4. Repeat at the end of the week, all that was learnt during the week.
  5. Make a daily time–table for yourself. In this way you will learn to be a student of regular habits, a most valuable asset in later life.
  6. Realize the value of time. Don not wait till the approach of the examinations. The key to success is regular and sincere work. Do not waste your God given talents for want of application.