1. After the freeze bell all revision should come to an end and all should keep their books outside their respective examination room, collect their writing board, pen etc and then come to assembly for prayer.
  2. After assembly move to your respective examination halls . Wait for the supervising teacher to call you in. Without the teacher no one should enter the room.
  3. Follow the bells for the examination.
  4. When you get the question paper you will not be allowed to write but read it for 15 minutes. The bell will be rung when to start the exam.
  5. Attend carefully to any general instructions that may be given at the head of the question paper. Do not waste paper by skipping some lines.
  6. Write your name, roll number, subject, date on the right hand of your first sheet.
  7. Get the signature of your teacher on every sheet of your answer sheet. If there is no signature it will not be corrected.
  8. Remember that handwriting and spelling will be taken into account. No use of calculators, hand or desk calculating machines is permitted.
  9. As soon as warning bell is given arrange your answer booklet in order, the first page at the top. See that they have your name, roll number written on them. Fasten them together at the left-hand corner and hand them over to the invigilating teacher.
  10. At the last bell all must put down their pens and no writing is permitted.
  11. Do not borrow any items from your neighbour, you must arm yourself with all that you require e.g. extra pens, pencil, eraser, scale, etc.
  12. All working including the rough work, should be done on the same sheets as the rest of the answer. No separate paper will be given.
  13. Do not take out used or unused paper out of the exam room.
  14. Use of unfair means : Students found guilty of
    a)   Bringing in answer sheets and detected copying
    b)  Taking out or attempting to take out answer sheets.
    c)  Disturbing others or any disorderly conduct will be penalized.
  15. A pupil who uses unfair means during Tests/Examinations will be given zero in that subject and debarred from writing the remaining examinations. Repetition of unfair means will make the pupil liable for dismissal.