Regularity, alertness & revision are essential for the students progress for which the co-operation of the Parents is solicited.

  1. If, for any reason a child has to miss school there must be a priorpermission from the school authorities.
  2. All absence from school, even with a prior permission must be explained by the parent’s in the Absence Record provided in the school diary, before it can be condoned & the student is admitted into the class-room.
  3. If the leave is more than 3 days, besides the note in the school diary an explanation in a separate letter must be added and sanctioned by the Principal/Sister-in –Charge.Leave is granted only for grave reasons.
  4. A student returning to school after suffering from an infection or suffering from a contagious disease should produce a medical certificate of fitness declaring him/her out of quarantine, before the student could be admitted into the class.
  5. Repeated absence without a written leave or absence for more than 5 consecutive days renders a student’s name struck off the rolls. Re-admission if granted will be done on payment of a re-admission fee of Rs.500
  6. All are expected to attend the classes on the last working day before the start of the vacation and the opening day after the vacation. All defaulters will have to pay Rs. 50/- fine for each day.