The aim of St. Xavier’s School is to provide an atmosphere of communal harmony and integration in which students devoid of caste, creed & place of origin develop into God fearing men & women with power & insights to envision & to create a new loving & serving society in their mature years through their personal commitment.

The true product of St. Xavier’s will be a young man/woman made aware of his/her potentials, and determined to use them not for selfish ends but for the good of others, thus, truly becoming a loving and serving person.

Hence, the aim of St. Xavier’s is to form integral, spiritual and personal formation of young men and women so that they take to heart the well being of their fellow beings at all stages and levels. To accomplish this, we uphold the following values.

  • To become spiritually oriented men and women of character
  • To be selfless and dedicated to the service of their fellowmen
  • To be firm on the principles of honesty, truthfulness, respect and discipline.
  • To uphold good values
  • To become agent of social change in the country.
  • To strive for excellence in every field.
  • To strive for leadership in school through the various school activities