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Responsibility of the captains & Prefects / Members of the Student Council

  1. She/he should ensure that the leaders carry out their duties in a responsible and impartial manner.
  2. She/he should command the whole school for discipline at prayer assemblies every morning and at all school gatherings.
    Once a month a meeting of leaders (High School) will be held under the guidance of the teachers-in-charge when methods and means are discussed and adopted for improving discipline and redressing grievances.
  3. She/he should be constantly alert, observant and sensitive to the needs of the school and act promptly after consulting and getting orders from the Principal/Sister-in-charge.
  4. She/he should show exemplary behavior with head held high, providing a shining example of leadership, trust, courtesy, love and goodness.
  5. She/he should play an active role in organizing Inter Team and Inter School activities.
  6. She/he should bring to the notice of the teachers minor day-to-day problems of students like flights/ misunderstandings, injuries, damage to school property, missing articles etc.
  7. She/he should ensure the discipline in housewise gathering in the hall, in PT classes and in March Past.


  1. Special attention shall be paid by the Class Teachers in choosing suitable monitors. Names shall be submitted to the Principal/Sister-in-charge whenever there is a charge.
  2. Monitors must be exemplary in conduct and industrious in their studies.
  3. They must be able to command respect in the class.
  4. They are appointed for all assistance in the class e.g., Maintaining discipline, Collection or distributing books, attending to cleanliness and neatness of the Classroom, bringing charts, maps, reporting to concerned authorities about various needs of the class, upkeeping of bulletin board etc.
  5. They must rub out the writing on the black board immediately after each period.
  6. The monitor will write each day on the black board , the date and the number of students present out of the total in their class.
  7. The monitors will be responsible for all happenings in the class during the absence of the teacher.
  8. The monitors should realize that to be a monitor is a special privilege and honour. To betray the trust and confidence reposed in them is to commit a most degrading act.
  9. It is incumbent on all monitors to report to the Principal/Sister-In-charge or the Moderator of Discipline or the class teacher any breach of discipline noticed even during the recess.
  10. If a teacher is absent in the class they must inform the Principal/Sister-in-charge within the first five minutes from the commencement of the period.