All students must wear the school uniform as prescribed. Each student will have three sets of uniforms. Wrist watches, finger rings, bangles etc are not part of the school uniform.

Classes I to X :


Deep brown trousers and cream half sleeve shirts with one pocket with the monogram of the school. Boys should cut their hair short.


Deep Borwn divided skirts, will covering the knees, girls having long hair must arrange in two plaits with black ribbon, cream shirt with half sleeve and a pocket with the school monogram, ties are to be purchased from school. Black shoes and deep brown socks both for boys and girls.

Note Well : No cosmetics or decorative items to the nails, eye brow should be applied in the school.

Winter Uniform :

For all students of standard I to Std VII : Red Pullover with a school monogram.

Stds VIII to X : Blazers of marooned colour with a school monogram.To maintain uniformity in dress students should purchase the blazers from the school.

P.T. Uniform Std I to X :


Coloured T-shirt, white shorts/long pants, white shoes and white socks. White shorts should be worn on Sports Day and for Inter-class and Inter-house matches.


( Std V to X ) Coloured T-shirt, white divided skirts with white keds and white socks.

Classes VIII to XII :

Stds IX to XII :

White Apron should be worn for all Science Practicals

Stds V – X :

Boys should wear white Shorts for inter-class and inter-house matches.

Please Note :

Ties, belts, monograms and blazers should be purchased from the school office for uniformity.