Withdrawal on Parents’ request : Students are accepted for admission with the understanding that they will remain in the school for the entire duration of their school studies. Should they, however, be withdrawn due to personal reasons, parents will have to pay the school fees in accordance with the school rules.

If a parent requests the withdrawal of his child from the school after six months of the academic year i.e. anytime after September the remaining fees of the year should be paid for the issuance of the Transfer Certificate.

At least one calendar month’s notice must be given in writing before the student is withdrawn, failing which a month’s fees will be required to be paid in lieu thereof. Those who leave in April, must pay the fees also for the month of May.

A transfer certificate will be issued only when all dues to the school have been paid off.

Withdrawal on disciplinary grounds : The Principal can, without assigning any reason, ask a parent/guardian to withdraw his child/ward from the school if the Principal considers the child’s conduct, behaviour or influence to be in any way detrimental to the interest of the school.


Freedom and Responsibility are the basis of discipline. We expect the students to accept the atmosphere of the school and learn in a free, co-operative manner. Freedom and responsibility have to be learnt slowly and freely accepted in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgment and make free choice about matters appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Student’s mistakes are tolerated as part of the process of learning but repeated misbehavior against the spirit of the school, hindering other students from peacefully learning is not tolerated even if this causes pain to the parents of the stubbornly non co-operative students.

The Principal reserves to himself the right to dismiss any student from the school, whose conduct is, in his opinion, against the moral tone of the school. Immorality in word or deed, willful damage to the school property, grave insubordination, contempt of any school authority, unsatisfactory progress in studies and lack of diligence are sufficient grounds for dismissal. The Principal is the sole judge regarding the dismissal of a student and parent/guardians, when they apply for the child’s admission to St. Xavier’s are understood to have accepted his judgment in such matters as final.

The Principal also reserves to himself the right to suspend a student from attending the school and determine the period of suspension, depending on the gravity of the particular situation.